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Dig In Christmas Greeting Card Greeting Card

The squirrel has prepared for a wonderful Christmas, and looks forward to sharing the feast with all her favourite forest friends.

The Forest Fam Series features puts woodland creatures on a colourful journey.

Greeting Card Specifications
  • Greeting cards are supplied in packs of 6.
  • You can choose to have them in plastic wrapping or without.
  • Each card is packed with a colourful envelope.
  • The envelope colours are different for each card in the pack.
  • The inside of the cards has no writing, however the design may follow inside, or there may be a solid colour.
  • We are adding barcodes to all of our cards, however we have decided not to dispose of stock without barcodes. If you definitely need a barcode, please let us know that they are important to you. (May delay order by 1-2 weeks if we haven't yet transitioned that card)