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Pawky Paws

Pawky Paws
  • Road Tripping

    Abstract art inspired by cities.

  • Framed Grace Jones

    Lip Graces

    The art and grace of lip colour application. Who better to embody the series than three iconic women named Grace...

  • Blocked & Loaded Abstract Art

    Blocked & Loaded

    "Blocked and Loaded" is our most striking series juxtaposing saturated angular shapes with flowy feminine lines.

    Combining the allure of abstract art with the familiarity of figurative art, each of the series embodies a beautiful tension and talking point.

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    Rorschach Requiem

    Rorschach Requiem is a tribute to the famous ink blot test. Famously used and much debated as a psychological examination tool.

    Never mind all that though. Inkblots are in many ways the archetype of abstract art. An image that doesn’t aim to depict a real scene and allows the viewer to come back time and rime again, discovering a new motif or emotion every time.

    Available in A4, A3 & A2

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    Botanical Alphabet D Print

    Botanical Alphabet

    We have added new sizes to the Botanical Alphabet collection. It is now available in A4, A3 and A2.

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    new print series


    Fun prints for the kitchen or dressing room.


    Updated Card - Calligraphy Birthday Card

    Simple, Safe and Uncontroversal.

    Muted text.Perfect for any gender or age.

    Happy Birthday Card written with Calligraphy